Since 1999, Ireland's energy market has undergone significant change and development, primarily driven by the liberalisation of EU energy markets and the consequent development of competition in electricity and gas supply.


These developments, coupled with the dramatic changes in wholesale energy markets over the past year, have added a high degree of opportunity, complexity and risk to the process of procuring energy.


Purchasing energy at the lowest possible price and achieving cost reductions in energy bills requires specialist experience, skill and time to appraise all the available options and tariffs.


Capstone Energy Management can identify the best deal for you and deliver substantial cost savings.


Our Energy Procurement Service includes:

 Collection and analysis of energy consumption data

 Establishment of load profiles

 Development of procurement strategy

 Supply tendering

 Tariff analysis and site profile modelling

 Contract negotiation

 Ongoing tracking and reporting


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Energy Procurement


The principle objective of an Energy Management Strategy is to achieve business objectives at minimum energy cost.


An Energy Management Strategy has two main components:

1. Reduce energy consumed.

2. Pay less per unit of Energy.