Energy Auditing Services


Capstone Energy Management offers a range of Energy Auditing Services to meet your specific requirements:


Walk through Audit:

This audit as itís name implies involves a tour of the facility to visually inspect each of the energy using systems.


It will typically include an evaluation of energy consumption data to analyse energy use quantities and patterns as well as to provide comparisons to industry averages or benchmarks for similar facilities. It is the least costly audit but can yield a preliminary estimate of savings potential and provide a list of low cost savings opportunities through improvements in operational and maintenance practices.


The level one audit is also an opportunity to collect information for a more detailed audit later on if the preliminary savings potential warrants an expanded scope of auditing activity.


Standard Audit:

The Standard Audit goes on to quantify energy uses and losses through a more detailed review and analysis of equipment, systems and operational characteristics.


This analysis may also include some on site measurement and testing to quantify energy use and efficiency of various systems. Standard energy engineering calculations are used to analyse efficiencies and calculate energy and costs savings based on improvements and changes to each system.


The standard audit will also include an economic analysis of recommended conservation measures.


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